Quality Characteristics of Ogi Supplemented with cashew Nut Flour

Quality of ogi supplemented with cashew nut flour was studied. Ogi was made and supplemented with cashew nut flour at 100%Ogi: 0%cashew nut flour, 90%Ogi:10% cashew nut flour, 80%Ogi:20%cashew nut flour and 70%Ogi: 30% cashew nut flour ratios respectively. Chemical, functional and sensory evaluation of the blends showed an increased value chemical and some functional parameters with a comparative sensory acceptability with respect to control (100% Ogi). The results showed that moisture content (6.32-7.49)%the protein (8.49-15.24)%, fat (0.96-2.2%) , Crude fibre (0.25-0.43%),Ash (0.25-.7%) , carbohydrates (82.25-75.04%),pH( 4.67-5.21%),TTA (2.90-1.60%) increased with the increase in cashew nut flour. The pH value (4.67 - 5.21)% Titratable acidity (2.90 -1.60%).Bulk densities ranged from (1.62 - 1.65 g/ml), swelling index (8.60-1.90 g/ml), water absorption capacity (1.07-1.53) g/mg .Oil absorption capacity( 2.74-2.46g/ml) and gelation capacity (2.-3.33g/ml) changed as proportion of cashew nut flour increased . The panelists rated the product high with statistical differences for appearance and aroma. The samples were generally acceptable and therefore recommended for homes to alleviate hidden hunger.


Ogori AF, Amove J , Saadi Ali M

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