Nutraceuticals the Main Element in Food-An Editorial

Nutraceuticals are naturally present in foods as oral dietary components and are considered to have a medicinal or nutritional value. The concept was invented in 1989 by Dr. Stephen De Felice, who merged the terms 'nutrition' and 'pharmaceutical'. Nutraceutical may be described as a food (or part of a food) that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a disease. Health Canada, on the other hand, describes nutraceutical as a food-prepared substance, but sold in the form of pills or powders (potions) or in other medicinal forms, generally not associated with food in general, is a food or part of a food that plays an important role in altering and preserving the normal physiological function of healthy human beings. Nutraceuticals help battle some of the century's biggest health issues, such as obesity, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, aging of the skin, etc. Overall, nutraceutical has contributed to a new era in medicine and health, in which the food industry has become a field focused towards science.


Ashish Tyagi

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