Effect of Gamma Irradiation in Food Biopolymers

Gamma irradiation on food thermo physical and thermochemical balance in relation to food bio-functionalities of cereal, tubers, legumes and roots biopolymers were reviewed. Food polymers are macromolecule with varied chemical and biochemical pockets exhibiting varied functionality in food systems. Physicochemical, morphological and pasting properties of irradiated food materials varied significantly. Carboxyl content, water content, amylose leaching, transmittance capacity in Gray and X-ray diffraction pattern remained varied upon irradiation on starch-protein plant derived flourspast and bio-food systems, but a dose dependent decrease in relative crystalline were usually observed. The use of gamma irradiation ray in biomedical and biotechnological cellular or tissues sphere were cross examined. Gamma irradiation is a sterilization tool, another safer tool to encourage utilization of grains especially in Africa and to obtain maximal safety in nutrition and across food macromolecules


Ogori Akama Friday

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