Development of Nutraceutical Products from Dietary Fibers Extracted by the Food Industrial Wastes

The food business is currently growing in researching and producing nutraceutical commodities. Due to customer interest in "healthy" foods, these products gather steam in the food industry. As a result, the biopharmaceutical and food sectors are working to extract natural bioactive. These can be utilized as nutraceutical components, therapeutics, and ingredients in the formulation of food supplements. The significance of food bioactive components has prompted the advancement of an enormous and expected market for fiber rich products.

Dietary fiber comprises noncellulosic polysaccharides, including hemicellulose, pectic compounds, mucilage, lignin, gums, cellulose and a non-carbohydrate constituent resistant enzymatic digestion. Fiber rich foods, such as fruits, nuts, cereals vegetables, are good for health since they have been associated with a decreased risk of various ailments.

Consequently, supplementation of dietary fiber waste has been adopted to improve the fiber content of food sources. This review presents the research findings on diverse food process by products for use as or extraction of nutritional, functional, and novel fiber and its application in a wide range of food products. Efficient by product use substantially influences the national economy and the environment. Therefore, appropriate waste management is essential for the food industry's growth.


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