K.k.Durga lakshmi

Published Date: 2022-03-08

K.K.Durga Lakshmi

JSS college of life sience ,Ooty

Received: January 27, 2022; Accepted: January 27, 2022; Published: January 31, 2022

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The aim of the study is to find out the prevalence of anaemia during pregnancy among the different income groups and to identify its impact on the new born. In the present study 225 anaemic pregnant woman in the 3rd trimester who were divided into three strata based on their income groups were selected and the data was collected using anonymous questionnaire .The method of sampling that was choosen for the study was stratified random sampling .The result of the research proved that anaemia during pregnancy was found to be prevalent among all the income groups ,but the degree of prevalence was seen to differ. The low income respondents were the main victims of severe anaemia . Early marriages ,repeated pregnancies, early conception ,poor attention paid to individual health and improper nutrition were the underlining factors . Low birth weight ,prematurity rates and still births were found to be alarmingly high among the low income group. Thus the study proved that economic status has an influence on the prevalence of anaemia . Food fortification, prophylactic iron and folic acid supplements must be provided during the prenatal periods and diet counselling will help in reducing the prevalence of anaemia

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